£5 Snip and Spay Campaign launches in Edinburgh

Cats Protection have launched a £5 snip & spay campaign covering eligible cat owners in the EH post code area. To be eligible cat owners must be in receipt of benefits, on a low household income, pensioner or full time student. This saves a lot of money as it can cost up to £120 for a female cat and up to £80 for a male. To find your nearest campaign vet either go to www.cats.org.uk/neuteringeh or call 03000 121212 between 9.30 –  1.00 Monday to Friday. As well as preventing unwanted kittens neutering has many health benefits. Male cats are less likely to wander searching for females so less likely to get lost or be involved in an RTA. Males are also less likely to fight so less chance of getting injured or catching serious diseases such as FIV and FELV which can be spread by fighting behaviour. These diseases can also be passed to females through mating behaviour. Neutered males and females also have less chance of developing certain cancers and it is much less stressful both for the cat and owner to have the cats “done”. No more wailing from females and much less chance of males spraying around the home! Protect Your Cat and get them “done,” neutered cats live healthier and happier lives. If you need help with cat carriers or transport to vets please contact 0797 6432709.

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