Doughnut delight: Poland’s Pancake Day

Picture courtesy of czaro85 on Pixabay

Poland has a unique way of celebrating their Shrove Tuesday. On the Thursday of the previous week, known as Fat Thursday, they indulge in eating doughnuts – about two and a half per person.

The doughnuts are filled with rose flavoured jam which is the traditional filling, but chocolate, raspberry jam or custard is also used. Toppings include icing, sugar or almonds.

Fat Thursday is so popular in Poland that people expect to queue outside bakeries to buy their sweet treat and in Warsaw, the capital, businesses will give their workers doughnuts.

Doughnuts are eaten for good luck and mark a turning point when people give up sugary and fattening food for Lent.

So, let’s wish our Polish friends a Tlushy Czwartek which translates as fat (or greedy) Thursday. And if you’re interested, Paczki means doughnut!

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