The People’s Health Trust needs your input on how to allocate funds

Community Renewal staff have been connecting with local people in Bingham and Magdalene. We have talked to about 500 people in the two communities. We have done this to try to find out what you like and value at the moment, what concerns you and what you would like to change.

We would hope to encourage and support local people to use the information gathered to try to bring in more money directly into the two areas from the People’s Health Trust and for local people to take the lead in how these resources are spent – with a view to strengthening what is there and bringing about the changes you want to see.


As part of this ongoing process we are now inviting residents from Bingham & Magdalene to attend  meetings to look at how to allocate funds from the People’s Health Trust to the ideas generated during the local conversations.  It is important to point out this is merely an exercise, to assist the application being put forward by Community Renewal to the People’s Health Trust and is a 1st draft, that may have to be amended at the request of PHT.

We would like everyone who who lives in the areas to really get behind this exercise, and take part, knowing that funding could be spent over a three to five year period.  If interested in attending, please come along to Bingham Community centre on Monday 27th June for 11.30 am, tea and biscuits will be supplied.  It is envisaged that we will finish around 1pm.


The Magdalene exercise will take place on 27th June at 7pm, at Magdalene Community centre.


This is your chance to get involved and get behind some great ideas that local people have come up with to improve their local areas.


If you cannot attend, or want more information please call Sheila McWhirter on:  07860 272 924

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