What do you think of the paths at Little France Park?

HERE+NOW have launched a survey to gather information on the use of the paths at Little France Park and would like to hear from you if you use them.

The information gathered in the survey will be used to prepare a case study for the Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) as the project has been selected as an international exemplar for integrating city walking and cycling networks with green space.

They are trying to get a better understanding of the new Little France Park cycling and walking paths that were recently implemented at the end of summer 2016. They are interested in how local people (residents, workers, or those passing through the park) are currently using and feel about the existing walking/cycling routes.

HERE+NOW would appreciate it you could take some time to fill out their survey if you use the paths and share this with anyone else who might be interested. The survey can be found here.


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