Nominations for Craigmillar Community Council now open

Nominations for Craigmillar Community Council are now open until Monday 30 January 2017.

Following a petition where more than 20 people called for the Community Council to be re-established, the Council is calling on any interested residents to submit a nomination form and take part.

A minimum of eight individual nominations are required to set up the Community Council and there is a maximum of 16 places. If more than 16 nominations are received then an election will take place.

There is also eight spaces available for constituted local groups as long as they meet certain criteria.

Anyone over the age of 16, on the electoral roll and living in the Community Council area can take part. Nomination forms can be found here or you can contact the returning officer, Councillor Maureen Child for a form on 0131 529 3268 or email

Completed forms must be returned no later than 4pm on Monday 30 January. If an election is required then this will take place on Thursday 23 February.

You can find more information on Community Councils here and in Councillor Maureen Child’s recent updates.

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