See the design for the new Greendykes North Park

Images from the event on Wednesday 14 December 2016.

Following the recent Christmas tree decorating and information event on Greendykes North Park, the EDI Group and HERE+NOW would like to share with you a model of the suggested design for the New Greendykes North Park, and would love to hear your feedback on the design at this early stage.

HERE+NOW say that for the last couple of months they have facilitated a series of engagement workshops with the local community groups, existing residents, school children and the local stakeholders in Greendykes and Craigmillar to gather ideas for the design of the new community park.

HERE+NOW say that they have turned these brilliant ideas and suggestions into a design proposal which we now present back to the community via a model, plan and pictures which can be seen at the Craigmillar Library over the festive period.

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The design for the park is based on conversations at workshops with the local communities and school children, and we would like to thank all who shared their aspirations and ideas for the park’s design.

The concept model is displayed at Craigmillar Library until Thursday 5 January 2017. HERE+NOW and EDI would love to hear your feedback on the design.

All images provided courtesy of HERE+NOW.

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