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The best feedback ever for me was this: “I always appreciate your email as it usually contains much of interest. This time I particularly appreciated the information on the Year of the Dad, which I was totally unaware of. I will now be making reference to it in my Father Of The Bride speech I will be doing soon at my daughter’s wedding.”  Love it!

Brunstane Primary School have a FREE Play Event on Monday 15 February. Everyone is welcome. Go along to find out about the fabulous Play Ranger service! More here:

Portobello and Joppa Parish Church are holding a fun family games evening in the church hall tomorrow, Saturday 13 February from 7 -9 pm. Teas, coffees, juices and home baking will be served. Everyone is welcome and it’s free!!

The Planning Application Notice (PAN) for the controversial Green Belt development at Brunstane farmland has been in front of Councillors on Wednesday this week, for information.  This is not decision time and is not the application itself but notice of the developer’s intention to bring forward a planning application.

The Committee will have taken a view on what detail it would like to see on a whole range of matters when it does come for decision.  I declared an interest as an objector to the proposal and took no part in the proceeding at Committee on the item.

This is the PAN report as submitted to Committee:

This is the link to the arguments against the proposal and a link to the petition:  The applicant will now arrange exhibitions of their plans in the local area, to which everyone will be invited.  I’ll keep you posted about when and where that is taking place.

Newcraighall Road Closed – Diversions are in place. Please do use them! See here:  Unfortunately, Lothian Buses plc are not stopping as close as they might to the Village at either end.  We have tried to persuade them, but they are very keen to make sure their timetable is not too badly affected.

I have been in touch with residents and particularly Newcraighall Primary school. The local roads team are making sure the signage is as clear as it could be and checking daily.  There is no way of keeping the road partially open while the work is being completed.

There have been some pretty hazardous manoeuvres by drivers ignoring the signs and getting irritated that the road closure is for real and U-turning. I do hope they have all now got the message!

It will be very important for friends, neighbours and family to pull together and help each other out during this tough period when the Village is largely cut off to vehicular traffic, offering lifts to hospital appointments and taking kids to school or the nearest bus stop. The result will be a new road surface, new footways and a drainage that works!  Some pain for the gain.

The road surface on another section of Coillesdene Avenue is due to happen soon.  Contractors are due to start preparatory work on Monday 22 February and then road surfacing begins on Monday 29 February.

After much nagging, the community have finally got a positive response from Lothian Buses plc about express buses stopping at Joppa rather than coming right through from Bridge Inn Musselburgh to Portobello Town Hall non-stop.

We are being consulted as Councillors a number of changes the company propose from April 2016.  On the list, I spotted this:  Service 15/X15 – Revised Timetable & Stopping Places. Revised timetable introduced on Mondays to Saturdays.  ALL journeys will now operate as X15s.  The bus stops at Joppa (Morton Street) will now be observed in both directions.  Hurrah!

From the start of February, the same refuse collection crews are tasked with uplifting the recycling one week and the domestic waste the next week from the same set of addresses. This should cut down that number of missed collections which might be due to lack of route knowledge.

There has been a big change in the way refuse and recycling is done.  It’s not as simple as it seems and the transition to new system has not been universally smooth.  And there is more change to come.   apologises for any inconvenience over the waste and recycling collections.

Please do still get in touch with me if your refuse or recycling does not get collected on the day it is due and I will make sure the operations people know about it and it gets fixed.

Bridgend Farmhouse Weekly Drop-In started back every Sunday from 11 to 3pm. Open to all, free, and always with a healthy hearty soup. Much more is happening too behind the scenes as they prepare for the renovation of the farmhouse, so if anyone would like to help out in any capacity please get in contact.  More here:


Portobello High School are looking for memorabilia.  So get looking for those photos, report cards whatever you have. I know I have stuff form Portobello Reporter days. Get rummaging this weekend if you can, and click here to find out what to do:

Craigmillar Library has set up a Read, Write, Count stand in the children’s section. The stand will be filled with books, including books from our children’s non-fiction section, such as cooking, number books and board books. Come in and have a look!  More here:

Portobello’s Community Gardening Group need your help and ideas to improve underused and unproductive spaces in Portobello. They want to give the community more opportunities to transform underused areas whilst learning how to grow food, herbs, fruit and flowers..More here, with survey:

Thinking some of the inconsiderate parking that goes on in Portobello/Craigmillar blocking pavements and access for wheelchairs, buggies and people with visual impairments – good to see the Pavement Parking Bill is inching its way along in the Scottish Parliament.  More here:

A snowdrop winter walk at the National Trust’s Newhailes Estate on 21 February.  That sounds like a nice thing to do on a Sunday.  Details of how to book here:

A reminder that there is a Temporary Greening Planting Day is on Thursday 18 February behind the East Office. Soup and cake for the volunteers on offer.  More here:

Portobello Rotary are fundraising for one of their member’s sponsored Daniel’s cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats in June.  For a worthy cause:

This fabulous short film showcases the work of the excellent Magdalene Community Growers.  Well worth watching:

And lastly, I leave you with this:

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes


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