Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Local projects Kids In The Street and the Venchie recently took some of their young people to Winter Wonderland after Councillor Mike Bridgman organised free tickets for the projects.

Through the generosity of local businessman Keith Taylor along with Charlie Wood and Ruth Fisher from Underbelly, who gave Councillor Bridgman tickets for the two projects, they were able to take a group out to enjoy the festive entertainment.

One of the projects, Kids In The Street, told us that they were able to take out 15 of their young people along with a group from the Venchie who all enjoyed themselves despite the cold weather that night.

They all had a go in the maze where they had to find their way though to individual stations where they would find letter stamps. The letters made up a word relating to Christmas and when they solved the puzzle and found their way out of the maze they were given a prize.

The groups also enjoyed a go on the double-tiered musical carousel and took in the sights while taking a trip on the Santa train.

Some of the young people were brave enough to have a go on the Star Flyer which is almost 60 meters tall.

To heat everyone up they all enjoyed either a burger or hot dog along with a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

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Kevin Finlay from the Kids In The Street project said “This was a great opportunity to take some kids out who otherwise might not get the chance to go out and enjoy the festivities. The atmosphere on the bus was great, and despite the excitement on the bus, the children were very well behaved. Judging on their comments on the trip home it seemed that they all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an outing that I think many won’t forget anytime soon”

“I would like to thank Councillor Mike Bridgman for organising the free tickets and businessman Keith Taylor and Charlie Wood and Ruth Fisher from Underbelly for making it all possible. Also I would like to thank the Venchie for allowing KITS to share their bus which made things a lot easier!”

Susan Heron from the Venchie said: “We would like to give a huge thanks to Councillor Mike Bridgman who arranged for the Venchie Children to go to Winter Wonderland, and also thanks to local businessman Keith Taylor for his most generous hospitality, and the hospitality also from UnderBelly, the children and staff had an amazing time, thank you

“The children loved the star flyer, the various carousels, the tree maze was such good fun and not to mention the hot chocolate with cream and mallows, burgers and a poke of sweets to round off a great evening.  Both groups were very grateful for all that was given to them which was great to see.”

Images provided courtesy of Kids In The Street and the Venchie


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