Test your knowledge on Christmas songs and the nativity

Niddrie Community Church‘s annual Christmas lunch took place yesterday (Tuesday 13 December 2016). At the lunch their Assistant Pastor, Andy Constable, thanked everyone for coming along and gave a short talk that he would now like to share with you.

We hear the same songs every year. They are built into our brains so that we don’t even think about them. We know them. We hum them as we walk around the shops. Here are a few to guess. Can you complete the rest of the line for these popular songs? No cheating now…

  • I’m dreaming of a…
  • It’s the most….
  • Simply having…..
  • So here it is Merry Xmas…

Now my question is how well do we really know these songs? Can you now complete a whole paragraph? I will start easy and then work up to the hardest. Here we go.

  • I’m dreaming of a…
  • It’s the most….

We will do things slightly differently for the next two songs. This time can you tell me the first paragraph of the following songs?

  • Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney
  • Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade

Check the answers here.

So the issue is, we think we know these songs but we don’t really. We definitely recognise them but when it comes to knowing every line we begin to struggle. Very few people with a life could sing all these songs all the way through. The same is almost always true when it comes to understanding the Bible and the Christian faith. People know bits and pieces about the Bible and maybe a few stories about Jesus but if you question them closely they don’t really know that much at all.

So I’ve got another wee quiz for you about the Christmas story to see how well we know it. Again no cheating!

  • Father Christmas was a figure at the first Christmas. True or false?
  • What month was Jesus born?
  • Jesus was born in a stable. True or false?
  • How many kings were there visiting baby Jesus?

Check the answers here.

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Here is my point. Like the songs we think we know the Christmas story but we don’t. Most people know bits about the story but they have no clue as to the bigger picture. And as Christians at Christmas all we want people to understand is that there is more to Christmas then meets the eye. This is something worth looking into. Why?

Well let me share one verse with you: Matthew 1v23. “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.” Jesus is no normal child being born into the world. His name means God with us.

God felt it necessary to leave the glory of heaven and come to earth in human form. Now if the Police came knocking at your then you would know something was up wouldn’t you? It’s not normal for most of us for the Police to come calling. For those of us for whom it is normal it’s still serious when they come through the door.

What if you were at your home and you saw an ambulance outside your house. How would you feel then? A bit worried. Panicked, even. You’d know something was up. So, when the Bible reveals to us that God came down to visit us in human form, we know something serious is going on.

If God comes knocking at the door of humanity then we better find out what he wants. Because I guarantee you one thing it is serious. It never happened before and it has never happened since.
So all I am saying is that if God did really come into the world then surely it is worth finding out the whole story and not just listen to rumour and hearsay and other people’s ill informed opinions?

If you want to find out more then we have events this week or you can talk to me and I’m happy to look into the bible.

Let me say at the very least that God does care about the world. Jesus came to bring hope, light, peace, salvation into this world. Its worth finding out about! Its good news. Thanks for listening.


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