Castlebrae’s Skiff project sets sail

img_3282A group of students at Castlebrae Community High School have started work on building a Skiff.

With tutor Stuart MacDonald’s help, this small group of students are now constructing the Skiff, a rowing boat, in a CDT workshop which takes place every Friday.

The school welcome anyone from the local community to also get involved with building the Skiff in the extended sessions on Friday afternoon.

The hope is that the Skiff will become a long term resource for the Castlebrae Community. The school has a growing partnership with the Sailing and Kayaking Club in Portobello and is speaking to them about housing the completed boat.

The school adds that the project will take some time to complete but the students are working hard and keen to put their hard work to the test when they venture out to sea on the completed Skiff.


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