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Vintage Vibes are currently looking for volunteers to help tackle isolation and loneliness among the over-60’s in Edinburgh.

They offer a number of service options for their VIPs (over 60s), including friendships based on one to one visiting in and outside the home, as well as friendship pools and family visiting.5

Vintage Vibes say that Edinburgh is the loneliest city in the UK for older people. To help change this, they are reaching out across the city, offering companionship, reliable support and the chance to be more socially connected.

They currently have a waiting list of VIPs in your area who need support and they would like to match them with a volunteer in their local area. Therefore, during October they will be actively looking for volunteers in Craigmillar and Liberton.

They will be hosting a Volunteer Information evening at the White House on Thursday 3 November – if you would like to attend please contact them on the details below for more information.

They will also be putting up posters, distributing flyers to houses and doing online and social media advertising, however, they stress that they are also really keen to speak to local groups who might be able to help them raise awareness or access potential volunteers.

Vintage Vibes welcome any ideas or suggestions you have on how they can access potential volunteers in your local area. If you know of any upcoming events, groups that would be interested, promotional opportunities or would like to volunteer yourself then you can contact them at the office on 0131 343 0958 or by mobile on 07818 542 031 or email georgia@vintagevibes.org.uk.



All images provided courtesy of Vintage Vibes

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