Tai Chi at the Thistle

The Thistle Foundation are holding Tai Chi and Relaxation classes in their Centre of Wellbeing twice every week.

The Tai Chi and Relaxation classes are available between 12.30 and 1.30pm on Monday and Wednesday.

These classes are free to Thistle gym members; membership costs £25 for a year, you can join in person at the Thistle Centre of Wellbeing.

Thistle teaches the Shibashi Qigong form of Tai Chi which they say is ideal for people with limited mobility as it can be done seated as well as standing.

There are many noted health benefits associated with Tai Chi; it can alleviate anxiety, fatigue and stress and improve joint fitness, arthritis and muscle tension. Tai Chi is also a great form of meditation.

All of their Tai Chi instructors are certified trainers and Thistle volunteers.

Image courtesy of The Thistle Foundation

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