Calling ALL Bingham & Magdalene residents!

Community Renewal staff have been connecting with local people in Bingham and Magdalene. We have talked to about 500 people in the two communities. We have done this to try to find out what you like and value at the moment, what concerns you and what you would like to change.

We would hope to encourage and support local people to use the information gathered to try to bring in more money directly into the two areas from the People’s Health Trust and for local people to take the lead in how these resources are spent – with a view to strengthening what is there and bringing about the changes you want to see.

What have you told us?

  • You live in two distinct communities – you want solutions that acknowledge this.
  • Your value your home, your family, friends and neighbours.
  • Some people do not like staying here due to a range of issues.
  • You want many more local champions to come forward to champion change.
  • You value what you have, but you need more. Folk do not want to always have to travel out of the communities for services and opportunities.
  • There are assets – groups, centres, activities – working away, but they need better resourced; folk need buddying across the door and encouraged to take part.
  • Things need to happen to build a feeling of community and wellbeing – you want to help to bring people into a feeling of belonging to and valuing of the area.
  • You want folk to come together across generations, to celebrate, use the outdoor space, use the hubs and local places that are there already and to develop them.
  • Many of you feel isolated, with specific health related issues and know of people who are vulnerable and isolated.
  • The place needs cleaned up and made to look attractive – you are annoyed at fly-tipping, dog-mess, anti-social behaviour, the drop in standard of services which lead to issues to do with bins and waste, fencing and maintenance, sub-standard housing and paying over the odds for it.
  • You think there are some activities and projects that could change things –You have great ideas. Some of these are already happening but struggling for resources, others need to be worked on and developed and it means local people have to come together – which has been hard to make happen.

Many people said that Bingham and Magdalene are like little villages – or could be. We would like to support local people to tackle the areas they have highlighted. We would like to work with you and with other groups and projects to turn the areas into the “Urban Villages” where people live well and work well and want to stay.   We would like local people to come together to discuss how to strengthen what is there already, build leadership capacity, build an action agenda.

From your ideas, you have said you would like to work towards:

  • A Local Health Action Forum for each community to lead how PHT resources are spent in the areas, promote living and working well in the areas, build and support more community champions and widen participation on representative structures.
  • A BINGHAM EAST 15 and MAGDALENE EAST 15 action plan, working towards the issues and areas that folk in Bingham and Magdalene want to see tackled and to influence action towards these wherever possible.
  • An outdoor festival and celebration in each area “B in the Park” and “MagFest”, with work in making things happen taking place over the year that builds community, celebrates and brings people together. You want some fun. There is great outdoor space there for these – let’s use it.
  • “OYE – together!” Old and Young together in Bingham and Magdalene. Activities bringing young and old, people of all ages, abilities together across the communities, encouraging buddying, befriending and volunteering.
  • A “C.L.E.A.N.” communities (Community Led Environmental Action Now) project campaigning to change behaviour, encourage recycling, influence services and work towards tackling what is a very real problem affecting the use of the amazing green space.
  • Health Sanctuaries – calm space where folk can relax, try things out that improve their wellbeing or tackle what are increasingly stressful lives and get support with specific issues;
  • “Active and Enterprising project” that develops local enterprises and employability through specific training opportunities;
  • Families Working Well project” – developing support for those with children that wish to work – building skills and confidence – sharing craft skills that exist in the home;
  • “Saturday Swap shops and concerts” – local fayres and gatherings in, for example the churches and community centres;
  • “Money advice project” – that helps folk who need it with making ends meet – ensuring they are saving money where possible on things like heating and lighting, making the most of the money they have and bringing as much in as they can to their household.

Do you support these ideas? Do you think local people should work towards them? Would you like to see money being put towards these activities? Just saying you support these ideas and giving a wee bit time to share ideas can help make it happen. The more folk involved the better.

There will be regular opportunities over the next wee while to come together, to get involved in whatever interests you and to discuss the above but the next chance is on Wednesday 15th June:

Bingham Community Centre between 11am and 1pm – a bite to eat, a chat and to sign up in support of taking things forward.

Magdalene Community centre, between 7 and 9.00pm. LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING SO WE HAVE ENOUGH REFRESHMENTS and so we do not waste money on food that we do not need.

If this is too short notice or the time and day does not suit, don’t worry, let us know you are interested. If you just want to share your own ideas or comment on the above then get in touch and we can meet you for a coffee and a chat.

If you feel strongly about something, and many of you most certainly do, then don’t just sit and feel angry, sad or wish things would change. Let’s make change happen, together.      

Contact: Contact Sheila or Archie on  0131 629 9858  or 07860272924

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