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My Name is Natasha Davidson, I’m 26 years old, I was brought up in Niddrie and still live here now. I attended Castlebrae High School before studying performing arts at college. I became a Christian 4 years ago and I started working at Niddrie Community Church (The Mission) as an apprentice. Then, I became their full time Children’s and Youth Worker.

I work full time at the church doing various things and helping in different out reach programmes that we run in areas in the neighbourhood such as Bingham, Greendykes and Niddrie. My main role is children’s and youth worker, so my responsibility is overseeing the various groups we have running through the week at The Mission from toddlers group up to our high school group.

A particular focus is working with girls in the community, where I try to get alongside the girls we have in our youth groups and work with them and try to be a good role model.

I also do one to one referal work with kids from the primary school, offering support to them and their families.

ITasha1 love living in Niddrie. I love the fact you can walk down the street and say hi to countless people and have numerous conversations. One of the special things I like in particular is the sense of the community that Niddrie has. Everyone knows everyone, or at least families. Family has always been an important part of Niddrie. I grew up with the same friends. Most of them I’m still in contact with now.


Niddrie is home – it’s where I grew up so it holds many memories and good experiences. I remember as  a child our summer holidays were always fun. Our whole street would be out playing and all the neighbours would be out in their gardens, and people would be having bbq’s, music playing.

I would love to see more outdoor activities for people to do, get people outdoors more. We have a great space next to church that at the moment is just laying empty; it could be used for something helpful.

I think the area has changed a lot in recent years.  It looks nicer, with the newer built homes and there seems to be more services available, such as a bigger library, shops etc.

I’m involved in the youth groups that we at the church run, and also I help out at the Bingham cafe on a Monday that runs 12pm -2pm. I love working with people and young people and telling them about things that are happening at church and I am thankful that I have many opportunities to do that. I also have opportunities to go into Castlebrae High School to help out sometimes in their RME classes. I enjoy working with young people and supporting them. I’m always trying to think of ways in which we as a church can support them and help them improve areas of their lives.

For fun, I like to see my friends and catch up with them. I like to travel and see new places and explore Edinburgh. I like going to music events and reading.

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  1. Hi Natasha. It was really nice reading your comments, brought back memories for me. I’ve added comments on all the Niddrie web sites, as I lived in the Jewel cottages and went to Niddrie mill school back in the 1960s. I’ve been living in Sub-Saharan Africa now for more than 35 Years. My best mate was Pat Mcglynn from the baycity rollers. Ask your mom, very big scottish band in the 70s

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