More Families, More Active initiative comes to Jack Kane Centre


Making a positive contribution to an Active Start

With only 9% of toddlers getting the required levels of physical activity, according to the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health (BHFNC) Edinburgh Leisure has introduced a range of activities to encourage families to be more active together.

‘More Families, More Active’, a community based activity programme being held at Jack Kane Sports Centre is providing low cost activities for the under 5s. The sessions which are pay as you go, offer activities including a pop up soft play for the under 5’s; Active Start and Mini Kickers aimed at 3-5 years; athletics for P1-P3, P4-7; and basketball for P4 and up – all for the cost of £2 per session.

In addition parents are being offered a special rate of £2.20 for a 45 minute gym, so they can workout at the same time as their children are working out.

Sara Kemp, Active Communities Development Officer at Edinburgh Leisure said: “We all know that being active is good for us but it can sometimes be hard to get started.

“Our More Families, More Active programme is aimed at providing low-cost physical activities, which we hope will encourage both parents and their children to get active and stay active. The sessions are pay as you go and anything that can be done to encourage kids to have an active start in life can only be a good thing.”

As a health and wellbeing charity, Edinburgh Leisure runs over 30 leisure and sport venues in the city and creates opportunities for everyone to get active, stay active and achieve more. Active Start and More Families, More Active are one of a range of community health programmes provided by Edinburgh Leisure that use physical activity to improve the lives of people affected by health conditions, disabilities and poverty.

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