Local MP visits East’s Community Alcohol Partnership

On Friday 8th January 2016 the local Community Alcohol Partnership in East Edinburgh welcomed our new MP Tommy Sheppard to their monthly meeting so he could meet some of the partners in this successful local venture.

CAP is a multi-agency initiative set up to tackle underage drinking and its associated problems.

The CAP, which is the first of its kind in Edinburgh, focuses specifically on Portobello and Piershill. The idea is to bring together the City of Edinburgh Council (both Community Safety and Trading Standards), Police Scotland, Queen Margaret University and local retailers both large like Sainsbury’s and ScotMid and smaller local corner shops.

By working together over the last two years in a spirit of dialogue and education with local shop keepers, the CAP has reduced the number of youth and alcohol related antisocial behaviour complaints, and Police Scotland have noted a significant decrease in the amount of alcohol being found in the possession of youths.

Tommy met with the partners to hear the latest news, and to discuss the success of a Queen Margaret University project with a small group of Emma Wood’s Alcholol’s project, before we went out on a walk-about in Portobello, calling in on Sainsbury’s and ScotMid as well as Mr Javid at Kost Konscious who is pictured with Tommy.

Tommy Shepperd 1Tommy two

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