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Have you heard about Breadshare?  Breadshare is a fabulous community bakery based in Portobello at 11 – 12 Seafield Road East.

Their mission is to serve and involve the community by making excellent, nutritious bread using organic ingredients and distinctive local products, helping to create a more sustainable and health-enhancing food system.

They aim to make real bread more accessible and to tell people about why this type of bread is better. That’s why you will see them at local markets and making bread with lots of different groups of people.

Their bread is simply made with natural ingredients. It does not use any processing aids, artificial additives, flour ‘improvers’, preservatives or artificial anything!

All they use is flour, water, yeast and salt.  They add only natural things like seeds, nuts, cheese, dried fruit, olives and olive oil and butter. The salt content of their breads is less than 1% and we use stone ground wholemeal flour.

Their signature Border Country breads also contain a proportion of locally-grown and milled Scottish flour. And, by using organic ingredients, their bread is higher in nutritional value and lower in potentially harmful petrochemical residues.

Breadshare bakery was established at Whitmuir Farm in Lamancha and commenced baking in January 2012 with a team of three people in the bakery.

They moved their bakery operations to Portobello in 2015 where they now have a cafe and employ 17 people. As a social enterprise, Breadshare is committed to increasing the accessibility of better bread to the community and supporting local food systems.

Are you interested in volunteering with Breadshare?

Join the Breadshare community and help run a market stall or even bake bread with us.

We need your continuous support so we would love to hear from you.

We currently are looking for:

People to man stalls at the following markets:

  • Portobello
  • Farmers market behind the Merlin at Morningside
  • Tram Stop Market at St Mary’s Edinburgh

Anyone who could pick up bread from our bakery in Lamancha and deliver it to local customers in your area.

People who can help prepare educational material, funding applications, presentations etc.

To find out more about volunteering at Breadshare please email –

Interested in their locally based workshops?
The holidays are quickly approaching, and we are excited to announce that we have new workshops going on at the bakery!
Our first is a family gingerbread workshop, the next one taking place on 19th December, perfect for the kids and the holidays.
Each family will be able to make one gingerbread house and various shaped decorations.  We will have two sessions each day, with a 1-hour break in between to let the gingerbread bake and cool.
Please note the early sessions are now booked out, however there are still places available in 12 – 3 pm sessions.

~ 1 adult & 1 child: £15
~ 1 adult & 2 children: £20
~ 2 adults & 1 child: £25

For more information or to sign up, please email us or stop by the bakery!

A local workshop held at Breadshare’s premises on Seafield Road.


We are also hosting a chocolate workshop with Raw Wild, and Conscious.

This workshop will be on Saturday, 12 December from 2 – 4:30 pm to learn about the health benefits of the high-grade natural and medicinal food elements that go into making this chocolate!

For questions and booking, please email Breadshare or  Price will be £15 per person.

We are hosting our monthly sourdough workshop on 28 November from 3-4 pm.  If you want to learn more about our bread, learn what a sourdough starter is, and get help with making your own sourdough bread, then this is the workshop for you!  Everyone will be able to take a starter kit home, and the price is £5 per person.

Space is limited for all of our workshops, so please register if you are interested as soon as you can!

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