to absent friends…

…because dead ordinary people live on in the memories and stories we share.

People who have died remain a part of our lives – their stories are our stories, yet many Scottish traditions relating to the expression of loss and remembrance have faded over time.

Held for the first time from 1-7 November 2014, To Absent Friends gives people across Scotland an excuse to remember, to tell stories, to celebrate and to reminisce about people we love who have died. To Absent Friends, a People’s Festival of Storytelling and Remembrance was an opportunity to revive lost traditions and create new ones. The second annual To Absent Friends festival will take place across Scotland from 1-7 November 2015.

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Who do you remember?


To Absent Friends – Festival Event
East Neighbourhood Centre
101 Niddrie Mains Road

2 – 6 November 2015 – 9 am to 4 pm



It’s not easy to talk about death.  In a culture where death can be seen as being too morbid, too difficult or too disturbing to mention, how do we remember and pay our respects to dead? The East Neighbourhood Centre will host its own ‘To Absent Friends’ audio-visual event from 2- 6 November 2015.   Open to all – it will be an occasion for people to remember dead loved ones in whatever way works for them and their community. There will also be an opportunity to speak to various organisations that can help support and guide you when dealing with death.

So we ask you : Who do you remember?

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