A week on board Alba Explorer

IMG_1158Three girls from Castlebrae Community High School spent a week on board the tall ship Alba Explorer on the west coast.

Morgan, Jordan and Joanna all seemed to have a great time, notwithstanding some dodgy food and a bit of seasickness!

They spoke to Phyllis Stephen about their experiences:

And Morgan shared her story with us too:

by Morgan Sword, Castlebrae Community High School

We arrived at school on a Monday at 8:30am all ready to go.

We knew we all had a hard week head of us. We left Castlebrae CHS at 10 o’clock to go to Craigroyston to pick up the boys.

When we had picked everyone up from Craigroyston we started our travels to the port in Greenock. We arrived in Greenock in time for lunch before we had to get on the boat. We were to be at the port for 2:00pm but we were a hour and a bit early so we when to have lunch at McDonald’s.

Our boat we stayed on for a week was called the Alba Explorer. We left the port on Tuesday and we sailed from Greenock to Lamlash on Arran then we head to Loch Fyne and then we dock in the very plush port at Portavadie.

In Portavadie we all had showers. The showers had heated floors and hairdryers and we went to to have showers here because there were no showers on the yacht.

We all had chances to cook on board.  Jordan and I cooked chicken curry and prepared breakfast.

The beds we all slept on were hammocks and I would just fall asleep because you were so tired because I had a hard day and I think we were all glad to get home to our own beds.

We also worked on leadership, commitment, teamwork and self-confidence.


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